Hello and welcome to my little cosplay page ^^ What is cosplay ? It's simply dressing up as characters from Anime/Manga, Video Games, Movie, etc... but by making the costumes yourself. My name is Nelene and i am a French cosplayer. This site's purpose is to be a kind of online costuming porte-folio, you'll find photos of my costumes, informations about what i'm currently working on, links to my favourite cosplay sites and some informations about myself. Navigation is on the left . If you would like to send me a message, you can send me an email.

News and Updates

2009/08/22 New costume ! I finally managed to get some pictures of my Eternal sailor Pluto with Lyel and Lucioles as Saturn and Mars, click here to see them !

2009/07/27 I have new pictures of my 19th century dress here taken by my friend Lilo in the hot summer of Strasbourg with Lucioles in her beautifull original creation. I also updated my projects page with some new stuff i'm going to work on during my holidays.

2009/04/19it's a bit late for 2009's first update... i've been so busy ! And it's not really better now... anyway i have some new pictures of my Eowyn costume, that my friend Lilo and I took last week ! I hope i'll have the time to make another update soon !